Monday, June 25, 2012

2012/365 - Day 177

visiting with Andi and Punkin while William works on blocks

This morning my sister Sue, Andi, Punkin, William, and I all had lunch at Tuscan Cafe.  It was great.

Later Andi and Punkin came over and hung out for a while while William worked on his part of our collaboration series for Art-o-mat.  Andi gave my little plaster cloth guy a "mini manicure" and Punkin drew and colored some blocks of her own.

 Punkin watching William color my characters for our collaboration.

Andi and I tried out the colors of nail polish.

"Well, here...let me hold it like this if you want it to look real."

I'm thinking Andi didn't use to turn her former clients sideways to do their nails.

Freshly colored blocks by William.

Punkin really enjoyed stacking and counting the blocks that William still needs to work on.

Andi was showing me stuff on her phone -- including Punk as a Leprechaun...

...a bit later...

Punkin stacking the uncolored blocks while William stretches across the table for...

...color-changing nail polish!

Hard to tell here, but it really does change colors.

...seeeeee?  Pretty cool!

Punkin with a couple of the fabulous blocks she did based on my characters.

Punkin blew catnip bubbles for Twink.

The little guy's claws are dry!

How the coloring is stacking up.

Two of my favorites -- although they are ALL actually my favorites!

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