Thursday, June 7, 2012

2012/365 - Day 159

trying out an idea -- round two

The paper dried as I hoped it would -- you can see color coming through it.  Now, how much more do I add?

Pretty much how he looked when I started this evening.

It is hard to see in the photos, but you can see the color under the paper.

I decided I needed to put on at least enough more paper to cover the little nicks in the paint.

I tore the paper more deliberately today...trying to fill in spaces.

Because I made this guy over another statue/form, he had pretty uneven surfaces.  I know nothing about muscle structure or where bulges should go -- but hey -- this is MY guy, I made him it is all correct.

In a couple of places I had to rip the paper as I laid it into the glop so that it would conform to the surface imperfections.  Like yesterday, as it was drying I smoothed out as many air pockets as I could.

Heh -- he trusts me.

I added a good coat of matte medium over the unpapered surfaces to even things out and to keep the rest of the paint in place...hopefully.

The little guy tries to reassure him that the matte medium dries clear.

AND -- I cleaned up my mess yet again.  (I think this might be a new routine!)

1 comment:

Bridget McAlonan (Inventing Trees) said...

I am so very in love with this beast you are working on. I want to lick him/her...

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