Friday, June 29, 2012

2012/365 - Day 181

work progresses on Penciled In - DIY edition

Today has been another day of cutting and transfers.

Ten designs times ten cards each equals three hundred little the overage ones.

I had to listen to my kept this job took most of the day.  I only got a small amount of these done last night.

And the transfers take a lot of hand power, too.  I have to push pretty hard with the pencil to get the carbon paper to make a mark on the MDF blocks. 

I did three characters tonight...ten of each design.

Tonight I transferred the young panda, the young giraffe, and young Wolfy (he can also be colored as a young fox if people prefer).

I did the young bear last night.

So there are 40 out of 100 done -- yay!

Still a LOT to do to put this all together.

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