Saturday, June 9, 2012

2012/365 - Day 161

Unryu paper to the rescue (again)

I've used Unryu paper to cover up paint messes before.  Now I am using it to cover up/add another layer to the surface I have been papering for the last three days. (I just tried to look that other paper up...I couldn't find the exact one but it is either a Japanese or Thai paper with inclusions...I will find it eventually.)

So this time it is Unryu paper in forest green doing the rescuing.

LOL -- it almost looked like I had pulled off the other paper after the first piece of Unryu was on.

This paper is very very lightweight and fiber-y.  When it became wet with the matte medium (in this particular application) it became very easy to rip and also almost mushy -- so I had to be extremely aware of the pouncing of the brush when I was laying it down...but I still wanted it to conform to the dips and uneven air pockets if possible.

This is with just the first piece added.

This is when I was done (for today).

This was after I cleaned up the area and set him back on the desktop.

When he started to dry a little I knew I wanted to go back and smooth out the pounced marks.

There was also this trouble area on his left rear leg.  See how the paper is almost melted and mushy?  

I added a few more teensy pieces of paper and smoothed them on with just my gloved finger and matte medium -- no pouncing with the brush.

I really need to stop touching it now and just let it dry all the way. 

I can't wait to see how it looks tomorrow because at this moment it looks pretty good -- the forest green Unryu paper is blending back in with the original remaining paint colors.

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