Thursday, June 14, 2012

2012/365 - Day 166 (updated)

carving images for stamps

The incredibly multi-talented artist William Hessian will be coming to Northville next week during the Arts and Acts Festival to put on the 2nd Annual Northville Miniature Art Hunt.  This year's hunt will be more like a scavenger hunt with William's tiny artwork hidden in plain sight in 10 businesses located in downtown Northville.

One of the things I am doing for the hunt is carving the images that will represent the businesses on rubber stamps.  When an art hunter finds the hidden art the venue will stamp the hunter's playing card indicating that they found the art in that business.

I cut a bunch of 1" square pieces of carving block to work on.

This will be fun!

This is a make up post.  I am actually making this entry on Friday morning (June 15) instead of last night when it would normally have been posted (Thursday, June 14).  I was very under the weather on Thursday night.

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