Saturday, June 2, 2012

2012/365 - Day 154

decompressing a bit

I have been so wound up the last couple of days.  Today I am just trying to decompress a bit by tackling the mountain of laundry, the sink FULL of dishes and working on this little guy some more.

Because the white tissue paper was very wet and transparent when I was working on this guy a few days ago, I didn't notice how much of the white paper I'd actually applied to the surface.   Waaaay too much it turned out.

Most of his colored spots were buried so deep you could hardly see them anymore.  I wanted to make them less noticeable, but not that much.

Today I am trying to give him back a few "random" color dots and also mark where his eyes will probably be.

Whoa -- I really lost a LOT of his dots!

This is just an idea of where his eyes will probably be, but they won't look like they do here.

This guy is starting to get some personality I think.

I will "bury" these dots, too...but not as deeply.

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