Wednesday, August 1, 2012

2012/365 - Day 214

shadowing Joan (updated blog entry)

When I was a volunteer with Detroit Derby Girls while you were learning your job, you shadowed someone else.  I am now volunteering at the Northville Art House and I am currently learning how to curate an exhibit.  Today I shadowed Joan as she was hanging the show that opens on Friday.

I worked on intake on Monday and Tuesday as the artists dropped off their pieces for the show.  Many of the items were wrapped up and I couldn't see them, but I stacked them in the area where they awaited sorting.

Today Joan hung the show.  This is Joan's favorite part of the process of curating and presenting an exhibition.  I helped with unwrapping some of the works and laying them out for Joan to put them into a cohesive story.  There are so many wonderful pieces and so many different techniques.  It is a very exciting fiber show.

We spread the works out around the room.

It is just fascinating to me how everything looks so stark and slightly "meh" while the work is being arranged, and then how the gallery walls slowly come to life and become so vibrant and exciting.

Joan is developing a plan.  

Man...there are SO many ways to hang fiber art!

Suddenly everything started to come together for Joan.

This was the starting point.  Here she was asking me if the piece was centered, straight, etc.

The first few pieces are up and I am starting to catch on to Joan's vision for the displaying of the work.

It is a kind of agonizing process...wanting to get it all "right" and show every piece at its best.

Trying something out down at this end of the room.

This long wall is shaping up, too.

More of the same wall, different angle.

The wall behind the bar area...a really tough spot for placement.

Okay...I couldn't help it.  I wanted to show a few of my favorite pieces/details before the show is up and the gallery is crowded...while I could still get close to the pieces and not be in anyone's way.

I LOVE this piece!

This is a detail from a piece called "School of Thought".

And these felted wall pockets are just wonderful.

There is so much I love about this piece!

Ahhh...the wall behind the bar area looks great!
Taking a break -- nearly done!  This process took up the entire day...just so you know.

Man -- this is a really good looking show with a lot of stunning examples of all kinds of fiber art.
SO much work goes into these pieces -- you could spend days looking at them!

I can't wait for the opening on Friday!

I am updating this blog entry on Thursday evening...last night Suzanne came over to help me with the super secret baby shower gift.  Ruth came over to meet Tull.  It was really a whole 'nother blog entry itself...I will use it for Thursday's blog entry.

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