Monday, August 20, 2012

2012/365 - Day 233

more worky work and tweaking

This photo pretty much lays out my day yesterday and the next few days ahead.

I am not terribly great at computery stuff and label making is a hit or miss kind of thing.  I can never remember from one time to the next how I did something...even when I write it down as I am doing it...LOL.  Hard to teach an old Capricorn newfangled tricks (and retain them).

So yesterday evening was a long process of: do it, redo it, keep it, tweak it, start over again because I didn't remember how to save just part of something, print, scan, try again, repeat...BUT...I ended up with a box label and a placard I am pretty happy with.

I liked the dog label but it is a little hard to read (in person) I think because the dog is more soft focused...the rabbit has sharper lines and works better for the label.  The lettering is much more yellow than it looks in these scans.  

#4 is the winner.

This is the placard that will be in Art-o-mat machines to tell you what is in that column.

 See -- this is how the yellow really looks.

Today I will be working on the information insert for the artpack.  I am going to try really hard to keep it simple and just give the url for William, this blog, and the Penciled In blog.  Fingers crossed I can stick to the plan...LOL.  I will probably use the regular end labels from the previous edition(s) of Penciled In -- no need to change them.  

Back to work!

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