Wednesday, August 29, 2012

2012/365 - Day 242

a jam-packed FULL day of art and art stuff with plenty of pics

Wow.  What a day!

First it was a mobile version of Wednesday Morning at Joan's over at Leann's house. 

Leann on her porch, welcoming me in.

Leann was working on the finishing touches on a really really neat art quilt for the Above and Below show that opens in September.  More about that show when it opens.

I was looking around at all of the wonderful things that you can see from Leann's incredibly fabulous big table at the edge of her kitchen and my eyes stopped at her shrine to George Harrison.


Yep -- my task for the morning was to wrap the Penciled In artpacks in cellophane and pack the box for shipping.

Joan arrived!

As I was wrapping the boxes I realized I had forgotten to write a note for Carol (at AIC) and I also forgot the sheets of placards for the series so I had to stop back at my house...oh well.  

Leann working on another part of her naked mole rat quilt.

Leann was also very keen on sharing the totally marvelous completed prayer flag.  The muslin squares were made by some of the people in the ATC group and they are all just amazing.  Leann put her flag together with ribbons in between the muslin squares.  It really is just amazingly wonderful.

Joan's project for today was some knitting.  This is part two of a two-part long vest (I can't remember what it is called) and she started it eight years ago.  It is very very long and the gauge of the needles/stitches is small and the whole thing looks really great.  It will be really pretty cool when she completes it.

Leann finishing up the back of her quilt -- the hanging part.

Ta- daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!  They are all wrapped and marked and I chose the pieces I am ordering for my machines.

And see...I had the labels and everything...too bad I needed to stop at home for the inserts.

Back at my house to finish packing up the artpacks and this photo op happened. sleepy boys.

My sleepy boys with the sticky outy legs.  I love it when they reach their arms out like that.  They look so comfortable. this point I am starting to run into a time crunch because I need to go to the post office before getting to the Art House.

This is when Bootsy decides he needs to "help" and give me a few pointers.

See?  I made it to the post office -- and NO lines!!!

One of my jobs today was to put address labels and postage stamps on the new postcards for the upcoming exhibition at the Art House.

I will talk about the show itself as it gets closer, but it is a super super mosaic tile show -- a benefit auction for Doctors Without Borders.


Another exciting upcoming show at the Art House is a call for art for the holiday season...the fliers arrived today.

More about that tomorrow!

And as if all of that wasn't enough...I went along with Leann and Joan to the meeting of the fiber group Running With Scissors!

 O.M.G.  What a bunch of talented, creative women!  And what a night to just happen to attend!

The show-and-tell items were incredible.  A few of the art quilts were going into the Above and Below show.  I am going to go to that opening with Leann and I will take lots and lots of photos.  But all I can say for now is "WOW!"

Deb Kolar made this fabulous appliqued felted pieces quilt.  I probably have the description wrong, but I don't know what else to call it.

The colors are eye-popping.  The work is incredible.  I really love it!


another detail

Deb also did the demo for the meeting.  Again, not being a fiber artist or sewing person I don't have the right words...but it had to do with jute cording and wrapping the cording with thin strips of scrap fabrics and sewing them on the sewing machine with a #3 zig zag stitch (tearing up here over the mathy elements) and you can make a bowl or coaster or all manner of wonderful things.  

Demos like this make me think sometimes that I would like to get a sewing machine and try these great projects...but that is truly better left to people who have much, much more experience and who have outrageous senses of color and the ability to mix fabrics and textures.  I can do plenty of other things...but not this.  Wow.

And I got to visit with Lynn and I talked to Kate about the possibility of her doing an Art-o-mat series and maybe making something for the Paint Creek Art Center's Holly Dolly silent auction.  And Kat was there, and Patrice...and several of the members took fliers for the Art House's upcoming call for art.

Towards the end of the meeting Jan Waller showed up with a whole bin FULL of her exquisite felted artwork...including her piece that will be in Art Prize in Grand Rapids.  Oh. My. God.  That will be a whole blog entry on its own.  Plus, Jan will be picking up her first-place piece from the Thoughts With Thread show that just closed and then joining Ruth and me tomorrow to go to an opening, so it will all roll together in one blog post.

Wow.  What a day!

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