Sunday, August 19, 2012

2012/365 - Day 232

working on Penciled In

Today I am working on Tookies, but I am also finishing up stuff on the Penciled In edition that William Hessian and I collaborated on.  I know Art-o-mat needs art so I am intending on shipping this series sometime this week.

I just gave the tiny colored pencil portraits a couple of coats of matte finish to protect the drawings.

I need to work on the "paperwork" now...the information insert, the end labels for the boxes, the main label for the boxes...that kind of stuff.

William and I are doing 100 Penciled In pieces, in two editions.  This one is Late Summer 2012.  He has the other 50 pieces with him in Maine (I think).  Hopefully he will have these completed and ready for me to finish up my parts when he comes back to Michigan in December on his way back to Minnesota.

I am uploading the Late Summer 2012 scans to the Penciled In blogI might have to this gradually...I can't remember what the daily posting limit is...maybe they have done away with it.  At this writing I have 20 pieces upoladed to the blog so far.   Okay -- back to work!

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