Sunday, August 26, 2012

2012/365 - Day 239

finishing up (day one)

Today I am finishing up the prep for packaging Penciled In for Art-o-mat.

I gathered up the completed blocks from downstairs.  That is where I painted the edges and sprayed the protective/sealer coats.

It is sort of hard to tell, but the edges are painted with Lumiere metallic acrylic paint and are a little bit sparkly...not overblown and glittery...just a little sparkly.

Then it was printing out the information inserts and cutting them to size.

Then printing out the labels and the end labels for the boxes, running them through the Xyron machine to turn them into stickers (because I really hate gluing the labels...I am too messy with the glue stick), then cutting the edges off...but not cutting them out totally because the paper is slippery and I can't seem to get it straight and close on the paper cutter.

Now tonight I will cut the labels closely while watching television and sitting with my kittehs.

I will probably also do the folding of info inserts.  

Shoot...I just remembered I need to print some contents whoever ends up pulling them at Artists in Cellophane can see what's inside, and maybe not wind up sending all rabbits to one machine host.  Glad I remembered that...although I suppose I could hand-print what's inside.  I will decide later...I'm not crazy about my handwriting.

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Pacific College Mom said...

So Much work goes into these, more than a person realizes, eh! You are truly dedicated to your art! Good for you!!!

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