Monday, August 13, 2012

2012/365 - Day 226

more Tookies faces and some exciting news

This batch of Tookies is starting to look like something now...they are starting to pile on.

Here are eight of the eleven I made today.  I was going to try to work on more tonight but really I am just too sleep deprived...I realized that when I got home from the meeting I went to tonight.

Tonight was the second meeting of the Northville Art House's Exhibition Committee that I have attended.  Do you know how hard it has been for me to not to blab about this???  I get to curate my own show next season!!!  October 2013 is set aside for my invitational show.  I am not going to spill any more beans...this is enough for now.

Last month I very nervously/anxiously made my presentation.  I had my paperwork printed out, my talking points were ready, I explained the theme and the title (and had a few alternative titles just in case) -- I showed examples of the of the work of the artists I have in mind and explained how I felt everything would all come together and make a cohesive show.  They seemed to like it at that meeting, but there were many other possibilities on their list for the slots in next season's calendar.  And at tonight's meeting they decided to give me October!

In the meantime, I will be shadowing Joan and Carla, working with different people doing whatever behind the scenes things they need help with on other upcoming shows, planning my stuff, etc.   I am SO excited -- this is actually going to happen!

I need to thank Jeff Cancelosi for seeing past my rough edges and suggesting that I curate a show.  And I need to thank Joan Potter Thomas for bringing the two of us together at my giveaway last summer...and for giving me so many volunteer opportunities at the Art House...I really appreciate it!  And I need to thank Joan and Carla for their patience in showing me stuff. AND a giant Thank You to the Exhibition Committee for giving me this incredible opportunity -- this is going to be so great!  WOW!

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Leann said...

Congrats, girl, we knew ya could do it!

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