Tuesday, August 7, 2012

2012/365 - Day 220

my ATCs for trading with the group

Today will be a errand-filled very busy hope-I-make-it-home-in-time day and then (YAY!) Juana is coming over to meet Tull and play Magic: the Gathering...so I am blogging nice and early.

Yay -- I completed my "dream" themed artist trading cards last night. 

I talked about making the background design/colors and mirror image bear(s) HERE.  For the back of the card I took a photo of the framed artist proof print of "This Bear Dreams" knowing it would show reflections because of the glass.  I was hoping that would add to the dream feeling of the image and because the image is out of perspective and not squared up, I think it kinda does look a teensy bit dreamy.  So I titled the ATC "This Bear Dreams, Too".  I am quite pleased with them -- I hope the people who get them in trade like them.


 I  decided to keep this ATC for myself instead of the first one I made.  This will help remind me of what I did to make the background(s), should I ever want to do it again.

These are all of the artist trading cards I made for the "dream" theme.

I am really pretty amazed/amused by the color changes during the process of wetting the photocopies for the backgrounds.  I like them a lot.

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