Sunday, August 12, 2012

2012/365 - Day 225

faces times twenty-five

Whew -- I have finished twenty-five Tookies (finger puppets) faces so far and I am at that point where I ask myself if I want to continue making the faces on the other seventy-five Tookies for Art-o-mat -- OR -- do I want to complete these twenty-five and be done with that much.

The problem with completing these is that the temptation becomes very great to use them for other projects when I need "something".  If they aren't finished, I am more likely to leave them for Art-o-mat...which is what I need to do (and probably will do).  

The ideal situation would be to get all one hundred to this face (button eyes, embroidery floss mouth and eyelashes) stage and then start the cutting off the fingers step...then the sewing up the side seam step...then the sewing up the top seam step...then the bottom seam step...then the "hair" step, then the decorative yarn on the side seam step...then the oooh-that's-soft yarn around the bottom of the finger.

Heh -- THEN the packaging. 

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