Saturday, August 4, 2012

2012/365 - Day 217

the super secret baby shower gift gets finished and delivered

So typical of me...I started sweating this project, too.  I was beginning to over-plan things and not just DO it.  I ended up getting up early this morning and putting the face on the goaty...the shower was today, btw.

This is how he looked when Suzanne left that night (August 1) -- she pinned his horns on him where I thought I wanted them and the rest was up to me to complete.

This really was a collaborative effort...Suzanne brought the books of examples by, I chose a general idea, picked out the socks from Suzanne's stash, she sewed all the hard parts (it would've taken me at least a couple of weeks to do it) -- I chose the various colors for the appendages and decided how long I wanted the arms to be and where I wanted the ears.

I fussed with this guy for three full days and nights using photos I took of his face and then printing them...I drew on the face in different colors, I cut out horns and placed them all over his head...sheesh...fret, fret, fret.

And here he is -- I didn't stop to take photos once I got started.

This shot shows his little deep pink tail.

I took a bunch of photos and then realized I forgot to add the horns!  Duh!

I like him a lot.

We thought the black on the end of the orange arm kind looked like a hoof.

And while I was changing the art in my two Art-o-mat machines I realized I had enough of the Penciled In youngsters to make a little collection.  These are the ones that Juana and I collaborated on.

Then it was time to hit the road and go to the baby shower.  I can't believe I have managed to make it through fifty-eight years without ever attending a baby shower.  I might not have gone, but how could I say "no" when I was invited by Melissa Schultz and Erika Probst?

I first met Erika when I started volunteering for Detroit Derby Girls.  Erika was D-Funk Allstars skater Barberika.  Melissa is her sister and I met Melissa through my niece who was managing a horse farm at the time.  Melissa is a veterinarian with a mobile practice and she has made a couple of visits to my house.  We kept saying we'd like to get together sometime when it wasn't vet-related.

The baby shower was held at Edgewood Country Club.  There were between 35-40 people there.  It was really lovely -- the setting, all of the friends and family and friends of family and family friends.

When you arrived you found your name card and chose where you wanted to sit.  I arrived on the early side and was able to talk with Erika and Melissa for a little while.  I chose the table I liked and then Melissa suggested that could be the friends table.  I only knew one other person who was coming and Melissa said she'd be sure to show her where I was sitting.

Here are Melissa (in green) and Erika (in blue).

The salad arrives.  The decorations and party favors were really great.  The food was excellent.

I knew there would be games, but I didn't know there would be great prizes, too!

At one point Melissa was having people pull a name from a bowl -- oh, maybe that was the diaper lottery -- and she had me pull a name -- squeeeeeeee, I pulled MY name! 

Incredible -- I won this digital video camera!

I had just been saying that I wanted to get a video camera because I can't get Twink and Tull in the same photo together because they move so fast (and my point and shoot is too slow).  


This is Jen "Seoul Slayer" Lenardon who I know through (again) Detroit Derby Girls.  She skates for D-Funk Allstars, too.

I didn't realize that Jen and Erika knew each other from school.

Jen won a prize, too!

Wow -- it was an e-reader and Jen had been saying she needed to get one!

We both really lucked out on our prizes!

There was a game where you got a "necklace" with a diaper pin.  Any time somebody said the word "baby" you could take their pin -- or if you said it, they could take yours -- the person with the most pins at the end of the game time would win a prize.

You KNOW I was waiting for people to say the b-word!

I even heard someone from across the room say it and Jen went over and collected their pin for me...hysterical.

This was my prize for that game -- a really heavy really faceted glass lotus candle holder for a pillar candle.  This is going to make a sparkly light show -- cool!

Erika and, it is hard to get used to saying that -- I am so used to saying Babs and Seoul.

We brought the goaty and Penciled In pieces over to the table I was sitting at so I could get a shot of Erika and the goaty.

It was cool because it also gave us a little time to talk before it was time to go.

Awwwww...she likes him!

And Melissa's husband Lucas and baby Lucas posed for a last minute photo.

Big yawn from a little guy!

I had such a wonderful time at this baby shower!

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