Thursday, August 30, 2012

2012/365 - Day 243

picking up the story from last night... we were at the Running With Scissors meeting and fiber artist/felting person Jan Waller came in towards the very end of the evening with the big bin of her work to show everyone.

Jan and Patrice and Kat looking at Jan's work.

I was soooooo blown away by all the intense color and the workmanship...these photos are just a small glimpse.  Honestly, I don't have the words to even begin to describe this stuff so I'm not going to try.

 Jan had this piece with her, too (although this photo was actually taken on April 14th when Ruth and I went to see Peggy's work in the Faces exhibition in Plymouth...we were totally knocked out by this piece back then.)

Today at the Northville Art House (subbing for Carla -- day 4 of what was going to be 6 and is now 5) the fiber artists who had artwork in the Thoughts With Thread exhibition started to pick up their pieces.  No, good folks of Northville, don't get your hopes up...Carla is not coming back one day early, it is just that we all forgot that it is the Labor Day weekend and the Art House would be closed on Saturday.

This was taken at the opening reception -- Jan won first place.

(I am including this photo in case you missed it the first time around.)

Today Jan came to pick up her work "School of Thought" and to meet up with Ruth and me after work to go to another opening in Huntington Woods.

There she goes out to the car with her amazing artwork.

Then the 3 of us piled into my car and headed out.

ANYway...we picked up Juana on the way to the opening and then Franciney showed up (and Ruth and Franciney finally got to meet each other in person) (and I talked to Christine for a bit and then took a quick look around) and then it was time for the 3 of us Northville/Plymouth-area girls to head back to our side of town (Juana and Franciney stayed longer and were planning on going to get dinner, Franciney had planned on taking Juana home).  We want to go back during the run of the show and look at the art more when we have more time and when it is less packed...and I can take photos of the show then.

Ruth and Jan and I ended up at Deadwood Grill for dinner -- man, was that good -- then we stopped at Tuscan Cafe for coffee.  We had a really good time talking and talking and talking and getting to know each other.  Jan invited us to come to her place and learn how to felt and I invited her to join us to do more stuff, too...and to come over to my house sometime.  GREAT night!

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Woodie said...

i LOVE the colors and textures here! GREAT stuff.

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