Saturday, August 11, 2012

2012/365 - Day 224

painting Penciled In edges and sewing Tookies faces

It has been an Art-o-mat production kind of a personal giant bonus.

Back to work in the basement with the painting of the edges of the MDF blocks.

This time it was Halo Pink Gold.  It is another one of those changing-colors-as-you-move-it colors.

You can see the pink in it, but it mostly looks gold.

I did a few extra ones (instead of the usual ten at a time).  This is 34 down, however many more to go (I found there are a few more than 50...but I didn't count them.)

This was my giant personal bonus for today.

Twink and Tull are sleeping in the little kitty bed in the front window together -- AND -- Twink didn't jump out when he saw me coming with the camera!   Awww...I've been waiting for this moment.

Okay -- back to work!

I switched to  Halo Purple Gold.  This has a different color of gold and a lighter purple than I used on the earlier blocks.

See -- here is the purple...

...and here is the gold.

I think this color really works for the blocks I was having trouble choosing a color for.  

And there they all are -- 52 or 53 -- one of them is the prototype -- and the others over 50 will go into the second batch of 50 that William is working on and will (hopefully) bring with him when he makes his way back to Minnesota in December -- he will be stopping by Northville to participate in an Arto-Session I want to put together.
And I have the first 25 (of 100) Tookies pulled out and I am working on putting faces on them.

I did these this afternoon.  I am going to keep working on them as I watch tv tonight.

I will be stopping at a total of 25 tonight (that includes the 7 from yesterday) and I have been taking breaks in between sewing them -- but then again, this isn't really the part that gets to my hands -- still, I am stopping at 25.

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