Friday, August 10, 2012

2012/365 - Day 223

a little more shadowing and a little more painting edges

Today Carla had me come back in to the Northville Art House so I could get more familiar with the day-to-day tasks that she does.  I am also writing out a step-by-step quick reference for myself for each job.  It was a little easier today and I actually retained some of the details that I learned yesterday.  Yay.

Tonight I have been back at painting "Penciled In" block edges.  These are the ones that I am collaborating on with William Hessian for Art-o-mat.

IF there is a single paint that I come close to actually liking (or at least not hating as much as other paint) it is absolutely Lumiere light body metallic paints by Jacquard.  I am especially fond of one of the colors I used tonight -- Halo Blue Gold...I also love Metallic Olive Green.  These two in particular look so different in the little jar before, during, and after painting.  The paint does all of the work -- and it changes slightly as you move past the surface or as you hold the little portrait and turn it in your hand.  Yes, I am very easily entertained/impressed/AND amused...these colors do it all.

It is just amazing to me how different the paint looks from edge to edge, block to block.  

Some are edges are more gold, some more green, some have blue in the colors...I think it works well on each block.

From these photos you can sort of get an idea of how there are separate colors in the same jar.

This is the inside top of the jar preeeetty.

The paint inside the jar kinda looked like this before I stirred it and while I was using it.

By the time I was done poking the paintbrush into the jar, it looked like this can see more of the gold  here.

It is really difficult to photograph the colors...and the lighting in my basement doesn't help much.

These were the first four I painted tonight.  You can see that the two in the background look lighter and have more gold on the edges and the closer two seem to have more blue on the edges...but when you turn them to look at them it is like a blue/green/gold rainbow.

Twenty down -- thirty to go!


Pamela Patterson Reinhardt said...

Haven't seen that paint....use it straight out of the jar, or mix it up...expensive?? (Blocks look great, always)

Took said...

Jacquard products are probably mostly for fabrics...I first stumbled across the Lumiere line at Joann Fabrics. BUT they are also for other surfaces. I went back and made the link in the blog post more visible.

Here is a link (I hope) for the Jacquard website:

I don't really pay a whole lot of attention to prices and don't do much price comparison shopping because -- for me -- it all seems pretty relative. Finding paint at one price somewhere (or online) then trying to figure in the cost of gas to get to the other store (or postage) gets too tedius -- for ME. Certainly it makes sense but I hate to drive and shop. There is a store locator at the website.

I believe some Michaels stores carry the Lumiere line now, too.

I use it straight out of the jar -- unless it has become too thick. Then it just needs a little bit of water stirred in a little bit at a time.

Took said...

The edges of the MDF blocks often feel very soft -- almost like suede -- just another reason for me to use the Lumiere paints...the edges sort of feel like fabric.

Took said...

And LOL -- I do understand that suede isn't really "fabric".

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