Wednesday, August 15, 2012

2012/365 - Day 228

Wednesday Morning at Joan's at my house

Last week Joan said she'd like to have a change of scene so that she would have to come up with a project that she could pack up and work on.  Today Leann has a house guest and neither Joan nor Leann had met Bootsy (formerly Tull) they came over here.

But first...

I completed the last of the first 50 Tookies faces last night before I went to bed.

I like this "eyelashes" color orangey orange and deep sunny yellow.

Okay -- NOW we can start the Joan and Leann part.  

First, they met Bootsy...and said hello to Twink.

Then we got down to work. 

Joan worked on sketching and drawing and coloring some shapes and ideas for quilts.

Leann put her "orange" artist trading cards together -- they are waaaaaay great...wait 'til you see them next month!

And I worked on Tookies.

Later on when it was time for Joan and Leann to pack up and get on with their days of course Bootsy had to come and stop Leann by laying on her bag.

Here Leann is explaining it to Leann can't possibly go anywhere until Bootsy gets up and releases her bag.

Leann has a little talk with Bootsy.

I made one or two more Tookies faces after Joan and Leann left.  At this count it was 67 down, 33 to go.

I am making this blog post at roughly 10:25 at night...this afternoon I worked on a few more and tonight while watching tv I will work on them again (until the Benadryl kicks in).  I think the current count is 28 to go.

And yes...I did mean to take this photo upside down.

I was playing with Bootsy and messing with him by talking to him upside down through my legs.

(Thankfully, he cannot hang from the this kinda sorta looks a creepy horror movie kind of way...LOL) (yet.)

1 comment:

Leann said...

I think the upside down shot captures Bootsy's personality!

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