Wednesday, August 22, 2012

2012/365 - Day 235

non-photo day of thinking

Today I have been drifting through a Benadryl fog, losing time, thinking it was Tuesday, then thinking it was Thursday already.  This morning I woke up and called the x-ray place and apologized for missing my mamogram only to be told that it is actually not until tomorrow.  Sheesh...what a mess.

I honestly cannot remember ever being this messed up by allergies and allergens before.  Does your sensitivity to allergens increase as you age?  Are allergens more invasive and aggressive than they used to be?  WTF?

I have been making notes and lists and planning there isn't anything to look at.  It will be interesting -- IF the weather/allergens slow down some time soon -- to see what ideas actually surface from today's notes and scribbles.

On to tomorrow!

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