Saturday, August 25, 2012

2012/365 - Day 238

subbing for Carla...continued (day two of six)

I flew solo today at the Northville Art House.  It is a good thing that Carla and I spent so much time prepping me to sub for her...I got a chance to do pretty much everything today!

Today was the final day of the "Thoughts With Thread" juried fiber exhibition.  What a marvelous show this has been.  I must say that everyone who came down the stairs today had smiles on their faces and the folks who stopped into the store commented on how much they really loved and enjoyed the show...people were really happy today.

It is also a very good thing I am a volunteer at the Art House vs being paid...I would've spent my check several times already.  I get to sit in the Art House Store for four hours...and that means (among other things) that I get to actually look at stuff...a lot.  I mean really look at it.

I am going to start sharing some of my favorite things in the store.

I am not a wearer of jewelry or accessories, although I really like a lot of jewelry and accessories.  However, if I could wear jewelry and/or accessories I'd be buying a bunch of Deb Kolar's felt and zipper items.  They are really great!

I love this shade of red.  I also love the stitching and the zippers.  This heart is edgy and yet girly at the same time.
And this one makes me think of a flower without being overly flowery.

If I was a wearer of pins, I would've snatched these up today!

There are also some really lovely leaf pins with gorgeous shades of green felt and wonderful stitching on the edges.  I will probably show them next week.

I absolutely love this wood and rocks rack.  The artist is Casey Williams.

The wood and the rocks are so smooth.  It is just beautiful.  I wouldn't want to hang a coat or scarf from the rocks, though...I wouldn't want to cover them up.  I am trying to think how I can use this in my studio for something so I can still see the wood and rocks.

Another advantage to being a volunteer is that I can sit and work on my stuff during slow times.

As of this afternoon, I have completed prep work on fifty Tookies finger puppets -- I did forty of them at the Art House.  Fifty down, fifty to go -- then I start adding the colorful, decorative stuff!

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