Thursday, October 31, 2013

365/2013 - Day 303

show is ready and so are the Tooklets

Today I went back to the NAH to do touch up painting of the spackled spots and other wall marks that were leftover from "Influence".  I ended up feathering over a bunch of places and went around the room three times because by the time I made the first circle the paint was dry enough to second coat, etc.  I double checked all of the labels to make sure they were sticking.  I'm done...ready for First Friday!!!

Last night before I went to bed I finished the rest of the Tooklets.  So I was able to deliver six to Patti today for the NAH Store -- and Patti took all six of them...yay!  And Mary Keys made up a really cool way to display the Tookies and Tooklets -- thanks, Mary! -- they look really great!

This is the first year Sue has not given out candy at her house for Halloween but she said 23 years is enough...and her husband is working afternoons and she didn't really want to do it totally alone.  So Sue (and Abby) came over to my house.  Sue and I had dinner at Mr. Thai (mmm-mmm) and after that we were really meaning to go to the sneak peek/Halloween party at The Village Workshop but I was just too crippled up.  We came back to my house and played Yahtzee and drank tea (Sue) and coffee (me) and talked and played and watched a couple of clips of things on tv I wanted to show Sue.  I'm sorry I missed the sneak peek, but we had a blast.

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