Tuesday, October 22, 2013

365/13 - Day 294

experimenting with the paints and roller again

Well...that happened.  

Tonight I wanted to put some color onto that big canvas/collage and I thought I would try to see what would happen if I just kept adding colors and not waiting for stuff to dry and not washing the roller in between colors.  Basically, mud...mud is what happens.  This is going to be background and I am just fooling around still.  I like that I can just keep painting over it.

Tonight's experiment wasn't totally horrible but it also wasn't what I thought would happen.  I have another idea for a different approach (and different colors) so this will dry for a day or so and I will try again.

Along with the "real" paint, I pulled out a couple of shades of green from those tester pots of wall paint I got a while back for a buck-a-piece.
The paint tray is preeety...ha ha.
Not exactly what I had in mind -- I can never get an olivey green to go with an orangey orange like I like...I have another palette in mind.

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