Monday, October 7, 2013

365/2013 - Day 279

busy work and reworking busy work

Today has been a long day of figuring out computery things and making tables and forms.

It may look like simple stuff, but it makes me nuts when I start filling out my form and the spaces expand to accommodate a title or medium and then that throws the whole thing off and the next page continues the table and I can't get rid of the "leftover" part.  I honestly do like making the forms for myself, but it gets a bit frustrating sometimes.

I've also been composing email notes, letters to entrants, etc.

I finished the 3D art submissions log in, juror worksheets, and slide show.  That slide show was also driving me crazy because it wouldn't line the jpgs up the way I put them into the folder.  I finally had to go back to my original files and change them, then I could reorder the slide show folder.  Done with all of that...but that was the short list.  Still plenty to do tomorrow!

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