Monday, October 28, 2013

365/2013 - Day 300

more art intake and art pick up and 2 more Tooklets

Wow -- Day 300...there seemed to be an issue with the Blogger editor for a while...I was worried I wouldn't be able to post before my midnight deadline...whew!

So today was Day Two of artists picking up their work from the "Under the (Inspired) Influence" show at the Northville Art House.  It was also Day Two of artists bringing in their work for "[small] Works Exhibit".  Only a couple of loose ends to pull together -- we are hanging the show on Wednesday.

Tonight I also brought home the two Kate Paul paintings I loaned to "Influence" from my collection -- the walls have been very empty without them.  Sue is coming over on Thursday and she can probably help me get them back on the wall.  I brought home the Anita Andersons collage I purchased from the show tonight, too...AND the artwork of Anita and Juana.  It is all safely stashed in Studio B.

SO glad I found this bin in my basement this morning -- it is the perfect size for Anita's assemblage!
The delightfully colorful Leann picked up her art tonight...that is one of Renee's Vulture Women just behind Leann.
Incoming art -- the artist is showing me the order it should be displayed.
More artwork waiting to be hung on Wednesday.
Safely packed artwork by Anita and Juana...stashed in Studio B.
The two Kate Paul paintings I loaned to the show (and the Anita Andersons collage) also stashed in Studio B.
No kittehs allowed!

And two more Tooklets in process -- one I started last night and one from tonight.

They both need arms and then embellishments...the stripey guy is from last night, the variegated one is from tonight.
They both have long, long tails.

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