Thursday, October 10, 2013

365/13 - Day 282

bad allergy day

My -- allergies are really kicking my ass today/tonight!  I had a second round of Benadryl after everyone from 2nd Thursday left.  I can't type very much because I am really blasted -- I nearly missed my deadline.

So, we finally had a meeting of the 2nd Thursday group -- we did a trade/giveaway thing.  There is a LOT of stuff leftover for me to haul to a reuse place.  

Wow...I am really having trouble making my hands do what I want them to do.  

We did not do an activity tonight...we talked and talked and talked and talked.  And Julia found the piece of Frank Zappa lyric that has driven me crazy for so long.  Thanks, Julia!  Now I can obsess on something new.

look -- my stapler is throwing a reflection that looks like an xray of a hand.
My house before everybody arrived (with more stuff).
No activity -- just meeting up and talking about stuff...tonight we had:  Terri, Jane, Leann, Julia, Juana, Joan, and me.  Anita was thinking about coming out tonight, but her foot hurt too much after she got out of work...I can surely sympathize.  Maybe next time!
Man -- I can't change the font on the photo captions...I need to go veg out in my chair.  I guess the more you need the Benadryl to kick out the allergic reactions, the more intensely it does it.

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