Monday, October 21, 2013

365/2013 - Day 293

very satisfying day

Wow -- I got a lot done on another overcast/then rainy day/evening!

Major accomplishments:
  • put another coat of paint on the big canvas/collage
  • found laminating pages and experimented
  • cleaned/sorted/threw out 5 RubberMaid bins and 3 paper grocery bags of stuff
  • filled a bagful of paper to recyle
  • tossed out enough junk to fill a small plastic garbage bag
  • found my vinyl Ice King and the teensy patched together owl jar
  • made up a whole 'nother bin of giveaway stuff!

I mixed the black and white acrylic paint to make a gray, but I intentionally didn't mix it thoroughly.
I got the look I wanted to achieve!
It occurred to me that these laminating sheets might work with the overhead projector -- I cut the top page off and experimented.
This is the old, old, old transparency sheet that I used the other day.
Well, when I ran the laminating sheet through the printer it looked fairly good at first...then the ink mostly just beaded up.
I also tried using a Sharpie marker to trace the basic design onto the laminating sheet.  That might work, but it was more than I wanted to do at that moment.
Some of the RubberMaid bins I emptied/sorted.
AND I found my vinyl Ice King and the teensy stoneware owl that my sister gave me when we were teenagers.  That little owl has been through many moves and has been broken many times but he keeps getting patched back together.  He is just adorable.  That ceramic pot behind the cat astronaut is one that Sue made in high's great!

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