Sunday, October 27, 2013

365/2013 - Day 299

one show comes down, new art comes in

Today was Day One of taking down "Under the (Inspired) Influence" at the Northville Art House.  It was also Day One of art intake for "[small] Works Exhibit".

Two of the "Influence" artists couldn't be there today or tomorrow so I am packing up their art and bringing it to my house (because we are also friends in real life).  The flat work is easily wrapped up, but the 3D work is what has me worried.  I am taking my time wrapping and packing it and I know it will be's just that "please-don't-let-anything-happen-to-this-awesome-artwork" know?

I was incredibly fortunate to be able to purchase two of Anita Andersons' pieces from the show.  A collage, and a heartbreakingly adorable 3D assemblage named "Binky".  I suppose in wrapping Binky up today I was practicing for tomorrow when I bite the bullet and finish wrapping up the other two assemblages.  They seem even more delicate...but I am sure they will be fine.

My wrapping station...before people started arriving.
The gallery is starting to look so empty...
...but there is a lot of artwork coming in for the next show.

And my friend Peggy was able to come by after her run to Detroit and help me out at the last minute for the last part of today's art intake -- THANKS, Peggy -- I enjoyed the company and conversation! 

I had a couple of errands of my own to do on the way home...boy, I am bushed...but not too bushed to unwrap Binky!

The wad of bubble wrap containing Binky by Anita Andersons.
He's in there somewhere...
I can't even describe how sweet and adorable Binky is.  There is just something about him -- he is so innocent and small and young and I just want to cuddle him and take care of him -- he just really speaks to something deep inside of me.
I am not positive where Binky will reside just yet -- but for now he can sit near my other guy.

Oh -- and I started working on this Tooklet last night before I went to bed (and after I had already blogged).   I think I will probably start on one or two more Tooklets tonight while watching tv, but I wanted to be sure I got this posted (just in case I nod off later on).

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