Wednesday, October 16, 2013

365/2013 - Day 288

a Wednesday Morning at Joan's...

...with surprise guests!  Well, one surprise surprise guest.  Leann told us she was bringing her mom to join us and we'd be making little ofrendas, but we were not expecting JANE!  Jane got to work this morning to find that the power was out and people were being sent home.  Then she remembered that Leann and her mom and Joan and I were getting together (to do fun stuff) and she met up with Leann and her mom and they all arrived as I was arriving at Joan's.  SO cool!

First -- Joan's house and yard are decorated for Halloween.  During the recent giveaway at Second Thursday Joan picked up my bag of antique crow decoys.  They look SO good in her yard -- wow!

I took the opportunity this morning to take some photos of Joan's incredible home and the various art pieces and wall/ceiling treatments.  Even the stairway to the basement and the bathroom are incredible.

Then we all sat at the kitchen table and Leann started putting out all of the materials she supplied for our ofrendas.  There were beads, various papers, rubber stamps that were carved by Leann, little teensy light bulbs, crepe paper, colored pencils, a box set of paints/oil crayons/pens/markers, glue, beads, paper skulls that Leann made...she thought of everything!  And we started working -- either on an ofrenda or a Halloween scene.  Here are the pics:

putting out the materials
Leann's piece
"Mom's" piece
my piece
Jane's piece (in progress)
Joan's piece

Then they were on the move again to show Leann's mom more of Joan's house and stuff...including the xylophone wall and starry ceiling to the basement.  I stayed upstairs and took more photos.

Jane, Leann, Joan and "Mom"

And all too soon it was time to move on.  Joan needed to get to work and we all followed and went to show Leann and Jane's mom the current show at the Northville Art House...her kid has stuff in the show.

Jane trying out Mike Sivak's "Parcae" game.
"Mom" viewing Mary Fortuna's beeswax figures.

Alas, Joan couldn't join us...but we all went to lunch at the Starting Gate.  Delicious!  What a wonderful morning!

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Leann said...

It was a wonderful day!

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