Wednesday, October 9, 2013

365/2013 - Day 281

the day of jurying has arrived

I have passed my second goal for this month -- presenting the sumbissions for "[small] Works Exhibit" to the 3-person jury panel.  It went very smoothly, if I do say so myself.

I had everything planned out so that the three jurors could come in, listen to my explanation of how I wanted things to go, mark their ballots, discuss their choices and make their final selections.  All three jurors were very into taking it as seriously as I wanted to.  There was total silence while they watched the slide show(s) and they held their questions until the slide show was through.

Lots of discussion brought up things I hadn't thought about with some pieces.  I tried very hard to assemble a panel that would be open to all sorts of art and what the experience each juror brought to the table really came into play.  It was great!  AND they each said they enjoyed the process and they'd like to be involved again if the chance arises.

This morning when I first got up I tweaked the titles of the jpgs one more time.  Then later after I'd been to the Art House to check in with Joan I had to come back home and rename a few of the files so that they could be used as promotional pictures for upcoming press releases, newsletters, and the exhibit postcard.

If I have to look at ONE MORE file name tonight...
My dining room table set up for the jury panel.

This afternoon I spent tallying up the selections, cross referencing files and artists contact info, double checking numbers, etc.  

In total we received 103 entries from 38 artists.  Of those numbers we ended up with 57 accepted pieces of art from 27 artists.  The rough breakdown is 49 2D and 8 3D items...those numbers may vary a little (to still add up to 57 pieces) but a few of them were hard to tell how they would be displayed from the image that was submitted.  A few more might be 3D/pedestal items.  I think we got a really great variety of artwork from a wider geographic area than we usually do.  We also have a number of new-to-the-Art-House artists.  Of course a number of pieces that I personally loved were not juried in.  And some I was very surprised by did get in...that is why I chose this jury -- a very broad understanding of art between the three of them. 

And then later this evening it was the monthly meeting of the Northville Arts Commission.  Wow -- what a great meeting!  A highlight for me was that Ellen asked if I would present the Exhibit Committee news/activities when she announced she needed to leave a little early.  There are a number of really cool things coming up for the Art House -- very exciting stuff!

Oh -- and another piece of art from "Under the (Inspired) Influence" sold!  Plus, we got a really wonderful mention in Robert del Valle's column "Stage and Canvas" in Real Detroit Weekly -- third paragraph -- "No Prescription Required".  And we were on the front page header of the Detroit Free Press's "Life" section today! 

Thanks, Leann, for sharing this photo on Facebook!

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