Tuesday, October 29, 2013

365/2013 - Day 301

planning the layout for hanging the show and finishing up the Tooklets

Today I went into the NAH to plan the way I want to hang the upcoming show.  Joan and Leann were a major help with the layout of "Under the (Inspired) Influence" -- I had a few ideas, but I am still new at hanging a show.  But this time -- for "[small] Works Exhibit" -- I am doing the basic layout.  I am taking a lot of what I learned from "Influence" and applying it to "[small] Works".  I asked Joan to take a quick look at how I had it laid out tonight and she said it looks pretty good.  

I have three artists bringing in a total of five more pieces tomorrow (that needed a little adjustment) and I left room for them in my plan.  Liz and Peggy will help me hang the show tomorrow and I will stay open to any suggestions they have -- I have a spot that I am not totally sure about -- but I am pretty happy with the overall layout right now.  I think that the 3-juror panel made great selections.  We had a total of 103 pieces of art submitted by 38 artists...that was juried down to 57 pieces of art from 26 artists.  I think this is a really good variety of small format work.  I am excited to see the gallery when it is all the way done -- with the wreaths and raffle gift baskets, too. 

Here is a link to the exhibit(s) from the new Northville Art House website.

And here is the postcard.

Tonight while I watch tv I will work on these six Tooklets, adding on arms and other embellishments.  I think one of them is going to lose a his tail.  Patti asked me to make a few more for the NAH Store and I hope to get these guys completed soon enough for her to look them over and see if she still wants any of them for the holidays.  Fingers crossed!

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