Wednesday, October 2, 2013

365/2013 - Day 274

another great day of working on both shows

First -- I finally remembered to shoot the banner for the October and November/December exhibits at the Northville Art House.  Curating one show, coordinating the other -- I got teary looking up at the banner -- this is such a dream come true for me...I can't even tell you.

This morning I met Joan up at the Art House and we did a quick walk around the gallery to talk about my initial concerns for hanging and layout for "Under the (Inspired) Influence".  We had a great brainstorming session,  Joan gave me some really good ideas, and I went back home to think about things and to have a cup of coffee with the cats.

While I was home I got a call from Anita Andersons who asked if she could bring some additional artwork for the show and some for the Store.  Oh man -- YES, please!!!!  I met Anita back at the NAH soon after it opened at 1:00 and updated Patti.  When Anita arrived we went up to the gallery to look at the collages she brought in -- oh man -- I adore Anita's collages.  Two of the three framed ones will be in the show and all of the unframed ones will be for sale in the Store during the run of the show.  Not just prints of Anita's collages, mind you -- these are the originals. 

So then when Anita left I went back down into the Store to talk with Patti and get some teaser shots of the incoming artwork from the artists in the show.

I am not showing you everything you get in one of Leann Meixner's mysterious VooDoo will have to come and see for yourself!
Mike Sivak's table top shrines (they light up) and some of his "portraits"...I love this stuff SO much.  And why yes -- those are my Tookies and Tooklets right behind Mike's items.
A sneak peek at Diane Hawkey's fabulous beads.
Some of this jewelry is by Juana Moore.
A few of Anita Andersons' unframed collages.

Then I needed to get back home because my sister Sue was coming back to finish staining my front porch.  I really like the color and the way it is turning out.  THANK YOU, Sue!

Then it was back to the NAH one more time to meet up with Mary Fortuna who needed to install some of her artwork herself.  Mary hung a shelf and set up her wondrous beeswax figures herself because the work is extremely fragile.  Mary also brought two watercolor & prismacolor pieces that haven't been seen in this area before...I feel very honored.

Mary Fortuna installing her wondrous beeswax figures.

And then (after making a quick stop for a fresh bag of ice) it was finally back home again for the night.  I entered more of the "[small] Work Exhibit" entries into my logs and now I am ready for meds/elevation/cold pack.   I am tired tonight -- a really good, satisfied tired.  It is another big day tomorrow -- I can hardly wait!

The entries are coming in at a good pace for the juried "[small] Works Exhibit" for Nov/Dec.

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