Thursday, October 17, 2013

365/2013 - Day 289

rainy day stuff

I LOVE dark, overcast mornings that drift into light showers all day.  A lovely fall day like this reminds me of a certain cherished memory from childhood.  A day like this fills me with energy to make things, get things sorted and organized, and it starts my brain going with jillions of many that I often have to sit quietly and really listen for a little bit of guidance so that I can jot some of them down.

It also makes me want to concoct a soup or chili for dinner.  When I came back from a quick run to Hiller's for ingredients I noticed -- once again -- that the squirrels had moved the yarn bombing snake off of my back landing (outside of my studio).  I wasn't sure what was moving the snake until yesterday morning when I caught one (of the 2 or 3) gigantic fox squirrels dragging it down the steps.  I sure surprised him -- ha!

Anyway, I moved the snake to the back porch (where the squirrels are actually eating my house) and gave him an adorable pose.  I know it won't keep the squirrels away, but it might give them something else to focus on for a while.

Here are just a couple of the first jottings of ideas for a new hand sewn guy:

My evening was taken up with organizing, sorting, sweeping, etc. in the wet studio.  I can actually walk around in there again!  I still want to do a table clean up before I get back to the wet plaster cloth.  Man this feels good!

before -- the "save-them-for-later" projects area
before - the area with the closet where the crocodile and tiger wait
before - looking out of the room from the table
Wow -- all of those wads of paper that came as packing material folded up into just this much space!
whew -- after!

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