Tuesday, October 8, 2013

365/2013 - Day 280

yesterday's busy work pays off in today's busy work

Because I took the time yesterday to thoroughly work out the problems I was having with the forms and slide show, today's busy work went more smoothly.  I still had a few hitches, but they were quicker to remedy.

I got some feedback on a couple of the letters I composed -- I had my gut feelings about the letters, but I needed to get a couple of other opinions from people who are not as new to these tasks as I am.  In the end,  I should've just trusted my gut feeling all along.  There are a couple of other notes/letters that need feedback but I think they are pretty good...we'll see.

I had to make notes to myself as I worked out the randomizing of the images for the larger 2D slide show.  I will put the note in with my other papers for this show, but I also wanted to acknowledge my process...just in case the paper is misplaced at some point.  I didn't want to write it all out again though, so I scanned it...LOL.

There -- now I've got a record of it...as if it will ever make sense to me again. 

So...I think I am all set for the 3-person jurying panel tomorrow morning.  I just need to give the dining room a quick tidying up tonight and then clean the kitchen and I am done for tonight!  I am excited for tomorrow.  I've been on a jurying panel, but I have never run one before.  I must say that even with the mild frustrations I've run into, I have really, really enjoyed getting ready for this!

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