Thursday, October 24, 2013

365/2013 - Day 296

yay -- a little progress 

I feel like I am starting to make a little bit of progress on this batch of Tooklets.

I took off the bottom half of the guy from yesterday and gave him a longer legs/body section.  

Then he got a sort of a flower on his tummy.

Next I started building his arms.  I wanted to use glove fingers but I didn't want to stuff them with fiberfill and I didn't want to have them be as wide as they are.  So I tried sewing the fingers in on themselves and then stitched them shut again on the outside and attached them to the sides of the guy.

This was as far as I got before I needed to leave and go meet up with Sue for an errand.  And this is a perfect example of why I take so many process photos...I totally forgot how I made the first arm for this guy and I had to go back and look at the pictures to remind myself.

Then I started on a new guy.  The glove I am using is a another new one from this "season" at Target.  The gloves weren't all in yet and weren't packaged inexpensively so I only got just these two pairs (turquoise/black + charcoal/navy).  I don't know if these colors will be available later on.  Also, the charcoal/black ones have a different feel to them.  I will decide after this guy is finished whether or not I like this kind of glove-fabric.

This guy quickly asserted that he wanted a long, one-piece body.  He was going to have a flower on his tummy but instead he preferred it on his butt.  The face came quickly (button and mouth colors) and it was also decided early on that he'd like to have roundy ears and no horns.

I wanted to try to use some of the plaid pajama fabric on these I am making his arms out of a small piece of it.  I think I like how long his arms are...they might stay that long...I am not sure yet.

I wanted to get this post onto the blog early tonight -- just in case I end up treating my allergy reactions/symptoms later on.  Neither one of these guys is finished.  I have no idea yet how they will end up.  I like both of them very much.

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