Tuesday, October 1, 2013

365/2013 - Day 273

sneaky peeks

Tonight was the second night of art drop off for the show I am curating at the Northville Art House.

Oh. Man.

Five artists brought their work in tonight -- I am speechless.

Here are some snapshots from tonight...what a good time!  (And plenty of wacky photo bombing.)

Diane Hawkey was first to arrive, photo bombed by husband Doug Spalding and daughter Maura.
Doug watches Anita Andersons unpack her pieces...with Maura cracking me up.
This is blurry because of the fast and furious picking up of Diane's fabulous beads...with Juana Moore and Patti Witte.
Hi, Doug!
You-know-who with Anita and Renee Dooley (who was arriving).
Renee and Anita
Renee with one of her Vulture Women.
Two of Renee's pieces.
Anita and Juana inspect one of Juana's incredible pieces, a tribute to Henry Darger.
Mike Sivak photo bombs Juana.
Mike assembling his amazing "Parcae" game.

Even if I do say so myself...this is going to be magical!

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