Monday, September 30, 2013

365/2013 - Day 272

art drop off x2 

I was on both sides of art drop offs today.  And there was a marathon of errands with Sue in between.

First, this morning, I dropped off my collage "Couldn't Catch It" at the Village Theater at Cherry Hill for the "21st Annual Canton Fine Art Exhibition".  I love this show.  This year the juror is Gilda Snowden.  I ran into DeEtta (who I have only known on Facebook) and I got a sneak peek at Kate's magnificent painting.  I cannot wait for the opening on Thursday!  More about that in Thursday's blog.

Putting the ID label on the back of my collage and wrapping it up for travel to the venue.
The front approach to the Village Theater at Cherry Hill.
Check in
We put my collage up against the wall for now...I can't wait for the opening reception on Thursday night!

Then I rushed home and Sue met me at my house and we ran a gazillion errands.  I managed to pull a muscle in my back and really wrenched it getting in and out of the car so much.  I didn't get to ice it until later.  I had just enough time to wrap up two of my Kate Paul pieces from my collection and deliver them to the NAH in time for the first night of art drop offs for "Under the (Inspired) Influence".  Patti was there already.  Patti handled the gallery inventory/store inventory sheets for me.  She was also kind enough to haul my paintings in from my car.  They weren't too heavy, I just couldn't carry them in front of me and up the stairs to the gallery.  I set up a table and some chairs and addressed a postcard to my anonymous sponsor for the opening reception.

Then Kate arrived with her two other pieces for the show.  She sat and chatted a bit while she filled out her paperwork.  What a lovely, lovely person she is.  Lots of exciting things happening with her.

The amazing Kate Paul and her four pieces for "my" show.

Then Leann arrived with her pieces.  Oh man -- I love them all!  Leann is also going to have a few items for sale in the NAH Store during the run of the show.  This is going to be great!  Leann will be back on Thursday morning to help with hanging the show.

Leann filling out her inventory sheet(s).

I was very grateful that Leann and Kate came in fairly close to the start time for tonight's drop off.  Patti and I were able to leave shortly after Leann took off.  We said hello to Julie as she was coming in to set up for a class she teaches.  Then it was straight home for meds/cold pack/elevation.  My back feels a bit better already, I am sure it will be fine by morning.  My left knee and foot feel very mangled.  I am going to go to bed early tonight I think/hope.

Everything is really going smoothly so far for "Influence" and the Call for Entries for Nov/Dec.  I have so much support from so many caring and helpful people.  Everyone who has pledged help along the way is coming through...this is such a wonderful environment...I love it here so much!

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