Saturday, September 7, 2013

365/2013 - Day 249

watching paint dry

I don't know how well this paint will actually stick to the collaged repurposed canvas.  I don't know if it will peel off of all the matte medium.  All I care about today is that I am no longer looking at the images that were trying to come through the layers.  But it is funny, if you look closely you can see the original horse guy's shape from the papers underneath everything. 

I was torn about what to first-coat it with...what I went with was a step-or-two-up-from-craft-paint acrylic paint.  I was also considering latex wall paint, gesso, and my better tube acrylics.  But for now I am glad I just covered it all up.
While it was still wet -- you can see through the paint in areas.
A close up of the dry paint...lots of texture from the papers underneath.

I keep thinking I want to paint something big.  You know I am not a painter.  You know I hate to paint.  I don't know what's with me sometimes.  Ooh -- how about a possible collaboration?  Hmmm...

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