Thursday, September 26, 2013

365/2013 - Day 268

more busy work

No photos again today because I have been engaged in more of the "busy" work I love.

I stopped by the NAH to consult with Joan on the forms I am making for myself for the "[small] Works Exhibit".  I am not using a traditional Excel spreadsheet thing.  I am not very computery.  All of this stuff takes me a lot of time and trial & error...making a batch of mock columns then filling them in with random stuff and numbers and then cutting and pasting all of it and then going back and erasing the words and numbers.  There is no doubt an easier, more efficient way to do this.  There are probably formulas to work with to figure out how wide each column should be to accommodate titles and emails, etc.  But you know what?  This works for me.  I am pretty much the only person who will be working with my pages...I just needed to make sure I wasn't forgetting any essential elements.  Plus, Joan and I came up with a better description for me than "organizer" -- which I felt made me sound like the whole thing was my idea, etc. when I am merely the one keeping track of things and keeping stuff in order.  We are calling me the coordinator of the "[small] Works Exhibit".

You know, I realized tonight that doing all of this for myself from the ground up reminds me of when I was volunteering with DDG and making lists for the front table for check in purposes.  I LOVED that and I miss it.  Now I am kind of sort of doing the similar process with "my" version of this show.  Yay.

There are basic things that need to be done and ways to present things to the jurors so that they are totally unaware of the artists associated with the images that are viewing.  I've got that covered and I am pretty much going by the book on that.  But I like my individual juror forms and my art intake forms and my artists contact forms.

I love doing this busy work -- this sorting and organizing and re-doing things...I really, really do.
  (Took you are such a Capricorn.)

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