Saturday, September 28, 2013

365/2013 - Day 270

guess what -- more busy work

I think "busy" work is pretty much all I am going to have time for until after "my" show opens next Friday.  And I am also working on the Nov/Dec show at the same time -- that Call for Entries deadline is next Saturday.  In between time I have to drop off my collage for the Canton show on Monday morning, Monday and Tuesday I have artists dropping off their work at NAH, a half-day or so of figuring out how I want the show to look, one more artist drop off, then hanging the show on Thursday during the day. Thursday night is the opening reception for the Canton Fine Art Exhibition -- Sue and I are going to that...I am really excited that Sue gets to see the program cool.  Friday morning Joan and I will go and get the food for the opening reception, then at 2:00 I pick up the generously donated cake pops, cookies, and brownies from Sorella's Bakery and make a mad dash back to collect myself before I need to get to the NAH at around 5.  The NHS home coming parade begins right in front of the NAH and runs through town and up towards my house and turns onto 8 Mile to go to the athletic field.  Streets will be closed by the NAH so I want to be sure not to get temporarily locked out of downtown...the parade starts at 6, "my" opening is from 6-9.  The parade should be cleared out of our street by 6:15 or so.

But this morning Peggy and I went to the Ferndale Public Library to drop off our artwork that was accepted into  "The Power of Myth" show.  We ran into Terri who was there to drop off her fabulous collage "Kitten Kong".  I think this is going to be a really great show.  "The Power of Myth" runs from September 30 to November 10.  The reception is on Saturday, October 12 and there will be live music by The Hand in the Ocean.

In addition, on Monday, October 21, there will be an evening of poetry, storytelling, fables and urban legends -- with live music.  And much to her surprise and delight, Peggy learned today that her collage "Myth of the Eclipse" is the featured artwork on the poster for this event. 

"Myth of the Eclipse" is my very favorite of Peggy's artwork and I have many favorites!

Here are a few shots of Terri and Peggy and me dropping off our art.

Peggy and her collage
Terri and her empty box (she got there just before us)
Peggy, her collage, my plaster cloth sugar glider guy "Djubi" and my purse
Terri and her fantastic "Kitten Kong"
"Kitten Kong" detail

 After we got back to this area I stopped by the other possible sponsor for "Under the (Inspired) Influence" to talk a little more about if they can do it or not.  They are insanely busy right now but were glad that I stopped back in.  They will let me know early next week.  Fingers crossed!  They want to have their business and the NAH get together on occasion and this would be a great starting point...I hope it works out.

Then I went to the NAH to talk with Joan about some things and talk to Patti about some things.  Then I came home and worked on more letters and forms for both shows.  I took a dinner break, fed the cats, did a couple of loads of laundry and then looked over the paperwork I did today.  Things are coming along nicely.  I really DO love all of this "busy" work!

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