Sunday, September 22, 2013

365/2013 - Day 264

starting to paint a guy

Tonight I put on my "brave" paints and started to paint the baby snake guy...the Hatchling guy for now.

I want his underside to be sort of powdery blue but I am not sure how to get it there.  Tonight I mixed a blue, a buff, and some white together and got what I got.  I'm good with it for the base color I think.

Next I made a very watery version of the Titan Buff and brushed it on and when it was almost dry I wiped it mostly off.  I wanted to get a sort of whitewashed/buffwashed look.  We'll see how it looks later on...for now I am ready to move onto a base coat for the main body of the Hatchling guy.  But that will happen after my midnight deadline, so I am posting this much of it tonight.

Ready to start applying paint -- the Hatchling guy is upside down.
The color of blue I mixed up.
The very watery Titan Buff application.
What it mostly looks like right now.

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