Sunday, September 8, 2013

365/2013 - Day 250

more questions than answers

I will be glad when winter is here and these allergens are gone.  Man.

Today has been mostly thinking about things and trying to come up with some answers for projects.

The collage I rolled paint over yesterday is dry.  It feels like the paint will stick just fine.  I can see through areas of it and now I wonder if I should follow any of the suggestions that are surfacing.
A recurring theme (no matter what direction I turn the canvas) is some sort of bovine or equine creature.  It is hard to see it here, so I did the yellow lines thing looks better in person.
I decided not to decide yet on the subject for the big canvas.  Instead I focused on the rabbit's other shoe/foot.  Following the way I ended up doing the other pink flowered shoe I pulled the liner out and built up a "foot" front.
It needs to dry pretty hard before I can push it all the way into the shoe.  I have a slightly better idea of how to do it this time but I still need to adjust it as I go along.
Then I had a lot more time on my hands so I started looking through some of my older image files of art I made a while ago -- hoping to find something I might be able to transfer and rework on the big canvas.  I still have the crazy idea I'd like to paint something.  I made this pen and ink sketch in 2008 when I was making a lot of ATC/ACEO items and selling them on eBay.  I printed out the file the size of the ATC, then enlarged that, then scanned and enlarged it again and printed out the two parts and taped them together.  Still not big enough.  I wonder if Kinko's or someplace might be able to make a transparency that I could project onto the canvas?  Still thinking...
And having been looking at my old drawings now I have those images in my head -- and this thing surfaces on the canvas.  Again, it looks much cooler in person but it seems to be some sort of cat/fox hybrid.  I don't least it is closer to the right size...LOL
And then there is still this guy...what am I going to do with him????
I want to finish him (as a possible submission to another upcoming local show) but I don't know how I want to finish him.  Should I keep adding layers of various kinds of paper until I get some colors I like?  Should I just gesso him and swallow hard and choose some damn colors and paint him?  I don't know...I've come this far with him and I like him a lot.  I don't want to finish him just to finish him...I want to like how he looks afterwards, you know?  Gah!

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