Friday, September 20, 2013

365/2013 - Day 262

things are starting to fall into place

I had work accepted into two upcoming shows and I am working on two projects for the Northville Art House.  Today things have been falling into place really nicely for all of them.

This afternoon I had an idea for a potential sponsor for the show I am curating at the NAH.  I was very lucky to be able to speak with one of the people I would have needed to speak with and they were very receptive.  They also had other ideas they would like to explore with the NAH.  Fingers crossed!

And the Ferndale Public Library sent out the poster for the upcoming "Power of Myth" exhibition.  It is so exciting to see my name there.  And I love the artwork on the poster.

click on the image to see the Facebook event page.

The collage that I needed to have framed for the "21st Annual Canton Fine Arts Exhibition" was ready to be picked up this afternoon -- Charles was there this evening to give it to me.  I am always so pleased with everything I take to this Frames Unlimited store.  The staff there is so patient and so helpful.  A great combination of "getting it" that you don't want to/can't afford to put too much money into the framing because either it is for a show and if someone purchases it they may very well reframe the piece and/or you just don't have the spendable funds at that time.  There are so many gorgeous choices is just so difficult but those guys really make it painless and it always makes me extremely glad that I went to this particular Frames Unlimited.  THANKS!

The Novi Frames Unlimited.
I like the little illustration of my collage that Shelly added to the order form.
Charles, revealing my framed looks so "finished"...I love it!

I am getting things more and more organized for the show I am curating.  I am getting more focused on how I think I want to display the work and how I want to label it, etc.  I am making my lists, getting forms together, keeping in contact with "my" is all going really well.

Same goes for the "[small] Works Exhibit" at the Northville Art House for November/December.   This will be a juried "cash and carry" exhibit of smaller format artwork, with no one dimension being over 12" (including frame for 2D pieces).  I am overseeing the coordination of this Call for Entries, but I am not on the jury.  We are getting the word around pretty well.  I know that we won't get a lot of submissions until it is closer to the October 5th deadline.  We all know how that goes.  I am getting excited about people talking about entering and I can't wait to see what is submitted.  I love organizing and I am eager to get into gear.  And at the same time for November/December the NAH will also have incredible gift baskets to be raffled, gorgeous wreaths, and the NAH Store will be all holiday'd up with wonderful arty offerings that are great for gift giving.

click on the image to get the downloadable entry form

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