Friday, September 6, 2013

365/2013 - Day 248

forcing things does not work for me

Tonight is a perfect example of me trying to force something that I am just not feeling and spending waaaaaay too much time on it only to end up frustrated and not at all happy with it.

This entry is a sort of reminder exercise for me.

The repurposed canvas that is driving me crazy -- it is big and it has been several things already and I just want to move forward with it and I am stuck.  I am not sure I even like the little panda creature anymore.

Tonight this little guy came up a teensy bit -- it might be a sock puppet -- I don't know.
Here it is highlighted -- hard to see it, I know.  It looks like some sort of little horse creature.
OR it looks like some sort of spotted canine creature...maybe.
But the bottom line is that I have been working on this -- and trying to force something out of it -- for a very long time tonight and it is so non-productive and so frustrating.
With these collages I need to let the images come up out of the papers and show themselves -- NOT try to enforce some sort of idea onto it and make the parts fit that.  I just want this canvas to move along and it isn't.  It might be time to scrap the whole thing and start over again.

I've had a feeling like something was going to happen today all day...and nothing did.  Not in any sense.  Very strange day.

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