Monday, September 2, 2013

365/2013 - Day 244

whoa -- how did it get to be so late so quickly????

Today I have been watching the US Open tennis tournament and sewing.  I am working on that little spikey guy and the felted flower we made as a group project in Second Thursday (demo by Jan Waller back in June).

I have no purpose for these two things except to practice stitching and sewing...there is/are no deadline(s).  I kept switching back and forth from one to the other.

I added a piece of fabric to either side of the little spikey guy's face...he also got two double button eyes...still not knowing how his head is supposed to turn out.
Whoa -- waaaaay too much fabric/jaws too big.
I cut some off and tried again...and then repeated that step two more times.
Finally on the last turn-it-right-side-out part a nose started to form...I guess this is the right size. 
And some ears wanted to be kept...those grey stripey things are horns.  (this photo is out of order, but I am not going to change it.)
I turned that top short green spike inwards (the one that was on his back) and it gave me a flat-ish area to add the head.
Then I took a break and pulled the flower out to work on it.  This is as far as I got before -- I think I added these embellishments during a Joan + Leann Wednesday Morning.
Closer view of the "before" area...just a few stitches and two beads.
I wanted to just keep adding beads in a sort of circle and not worry how many there were or if they were in a straight line...just sort of random.
I really like how it turned out.
Okay -- short short very very short break and I decided to work on the other guy...I made the flat-ish area a little bigger.
Then I tacked his head in place so I could work with it a little easier.
I fixed up his ears a little bit...they still need more work.
And I closed up his nose/face so I could get an idea of what he looks like...and that was enough for today with this guy.
Back to the felted flower.  The underside is really an olive green color (I don't know why the camera won't pick that up).  I wanted to add three green beads and a stitched line everywhere there was a definite point.
Then there are wispy sort of areas that you can pretty much see through -- but are not quite holes -- that I don't want to turn all the way into holes or I (as far as I can tell) reinforced one of them on the doesn't go through all the way to the other side.
I like it.
This is another of those spots -- I chose a different blue floss for this one.
Ta-daaa -- this one is especially not a totally see-through hole.
The flower so far -- second reinforcement on the upper left...beads in the center...first smaller reinforcement on the upper can see through that one.
I also did two loads of laundry today and made a run out to Tuscan Cafe to pick up a pound of freshly ground hazelnut coffee (thank you, Rachel) and stopped by Hiller's for coffee cream, cabbage, (real) garlic, and something for lunch.  Tonight I made a deeeee-lish-ous concoction of cabbage, garlic, onion and (frozen/not made by me) meatballs.  Man -- that was great!  

Today was a good day -- chores were completed, projects were worked on, tennis was watched, cats were loved...yep...a good day!

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