Wednesday, September 11, 2013

365/2013 - Day 253

getting back into more activities (Updated)

Ahhh...a delightful Wednesday Morning with Joan and Leann -- it feels like it has been a long time since we last met up like this.  Great talking.  Great company.  Great brainstorming.  AND a short while ago Lynn offered me two pairs of shoe forms that came in some new shoes she got.  We didn't realize that Lynn had put them onto Joan's pile of stuff at the last Running With Scissors meeting and today Joan brought them over to my house.  Joan also brought over a whole bunch of stuff for the trade/give away for Thursday night's 2nd Thursday meeting. 

ANYway -- Joan, Leann and I decided that yes, the shoe forms will work MUCH better for the rabbit guy.  The flowery pink shoes are wonderful, but they are not for the rabbit guy.

As Joan and Leann were leaving I went out to get my mail and WOW -- I got the juror's results card back from one of the upcoming shows I entered.  One of my pieces made it in -- I am kinda over the moon about it!  Other people/friends have said they liked the collage while it was in progress but I guess this validates it for me sort of (or something).  So I needed to get the collage into the framing store pronto so the parts can get ordered and get put together in time. 

I went to Frames Unlimited near me.  They are so nice there.  Shelly helped me and she is SO incredibly patient.  My dad used to say I had a ping pong ball mind -- if you haven't been with me to pick out matting and frame material that will give you a hint of what it is like.  There are waaaaay too many choices -- I have no clue what really works well and I just start wanting to see a million combinations and then I get totally floored by the prices of my choices.  Oh well.

This piece is built on an old watercolor portrait (of me) and it is an unusual size.  It was originally in one of those awful metal frames made from kit parts and I never ever liked it.  I like the colors in the work and I could appreciate the skill, but there was/is a lot of resentment attached to the whole thing. So by me reworking it into a new collage it helped me to move on let go of most of that stuff.  If this collage was to actually sell at the upcoming exhibit, I would never even begin to get close to the costs involved.  I will honestly be glad to get it back -- framed -- and get it up onto the wall of the exhibit and go to the opening reception.  Then I think I will be totally rid of the ick baggage attached to it.  I really like the collage -- I know I will like it more when it is framed and done.

I had to run out to Sue's house in the meantime, make a couple of other stops, then it was home for the evening.  I think we must be getting ready for a doozy of a storm (if this headache is any indication).

I wanted to at least try to get the shoe forms fixed in my head -- I cut them and they look really good.  I think a rabbit really should have bigger feet than those sweet little shoes.  Then I realized (as the Benadryl started to kick in for real) that I don't have the proper screws for the job of attaching the feet to the base, etc.  Thank goodness.

OOPS -- STORM IS HERE -- I will update later but hold this space!

Whoa -- this is being updated at 5:44 on Thursday -- what a storm!  What intensely scary electrical stuff -- we lost our electricity until early this afternoon...which was way sooner that the estimated 11:30 tonight that the power company said on the that much is good.  Parts of Northville were hit by the storm really badly and there were a lot of downed limbs and uprooted trees.  I didn't go out today until just now when I ran up to the grocery store for cream and ice.  Stuff is getting back to normal.

Okay -- I am trying to remember what else happened yesterday before all of this.  I think it mostly came down to me trying out the shoe forms and getting the collage framed...I'm kinda blank about it now, but here are the photos from yesterday.  Oh yeah...I started to put the legs and base together but realized I didn't have the right screws.  I made a check list for a step by step process for the rabbit guy.

I will save the flowery pink shoes for another project.

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