Wednesday, September 4, 2013

365/2013 - Day 246

working on the small spikey guy -- short road trip -- back to work

This morning I worked on the small spikey guy, making him the beginnings of his arms.  I rolled up a piece of a glove into cut pieces of fabric and rolled, sewed, then squished the rolled piece together to make is half as round and sewed it up.

This is a shot of doubling the arm up on itself and sewing it again to make it skinnier.
I sewed across the end of the arm to make a sort of a wrist (for later).

Then I needed to call Sue to plan to get together and it turned out that she was about to call me because she was totally out of ideas for entertaining her mother-in-law (who is on the last few days of a 3-week stay at Sue's house) and Sue was delighted to find out that I didn't have any plans for the rest of the day.  When Val first arrived I suggested a few things to Sue and we've done a few of them but there was one suggestion left -- a quick road trip out to Brighton to go to The Wooden Spoon for lunch and to see my pal Jan Waller's incredible felted artwork.  Cool!

But wait -- the cats were posing on my way out --

Twink stood up and jumped off the cat tower when I came towards them with the camera...I think Twink thought they were going to the vet again or something.
Oh that Bootsy -- he has to touch everything with his paws...he is in mid-reach in this shot.

Okay -- back to The Wooden Spoon.

We had a super delicious lunch and Val (an elderly fussy eater) loved her rueben sandwich and sweet onion kettle potato chips and lemonade and then pecan pie...whew!  Sue and I winked at each other during lunch because Val would mention how huge the sandwich was and that she'd never be able to eat it and then she just kept eating...oh...and she adored the pickle that came with the sandwich.  Val's pie was "too rich to eat more than one or two bites" but she had about 3/4 of it.  Lunch really was great.  Sue and I loved ours, too.  We also picked up a few items from the deli, including the stuffed portobello mushroom that is pictured below -- it heated up SO well -- yummy!

And of course we all oohed and aahed over Jan's artwork.  SO beautiful and colorful and gorgeously presented.  Sue remarked on how she couldn't get over  how much depth there is to Jan's lovely felted landscapes.

The front of The Wooden Spoon
We sat by this lovely tree.
I especially love this piece.
There is another wall with  Jan's work but there were diners sitting in front of it and I didn't want to intrude.
This pretty little hint of autumn was on our table.
The stuffed portobello mushroom heated up really well -- delicious!

After the cats and I were fed I went back to work on the small spikey guy's arms/hands.

I cut rounded edges for the hands and sewed around them.
I stitched up the backs of the arms, too.
The "bloody stumps" were cracking me up...the red glove pieces were totally unintentional.
Opening the side seams and adding the arms.
Ta-daaaa -- he's got arms and hands!

I know I take a lot of photos to document a day's work...but I really do need to look back and see how I did something when I suddenly can't remember how I did it and I am trying to repeat a process or step.

For now I am just kind of tacking everything into place...well, a little more secure than tacking, but not fully sewn.  I will need to go back and fine tune everything later on.

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