Friday, November 1, 2013

365/2013 - Day 304

two really great shows for First Friday!

Tonight was the First Friday opening reception for two super exhibits at the Northville Art House.  The Northville Camera Club's "Through the Lens" is in the lower level and it looks really really good.  

"[small] Works Exhibit" is in the upper gallery, along with sixteen raffle gift baskets.  This show looks really swell, too -- if I do say so myself.  Both exhibits feature a lot of different styles and wide range of subjects and mediums.

Tonight I was in Northville Arts Commissioner mode and I volunteered to be the person who greets and keeps the count of guests coming into the NAH.  I actually enjoy doing this sort of position -- I get to see everyone who comes in and I can remember people when they leave and come back in and not recount them.  I had a good time! are some shots of the way Mary Keys displayed my Tookies and Tooklets in the NAH Store.  It is sort of hard to take photos in the Store, and at night it is harder.  Trust me, the finger puppets and dolls look really cute in the little "nests".

I need to go back to the Art House tomorrow and really take a longer look at the raffle baskets.  As a Commissioner I have thirty tickets I either need to sell or purchase myself.  I may try to sell some of them, but I usually end up buying that many before the night of the drawing anyway, so who knows...

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