Tuesday, November 26, 2013

365/2013 - Day 329

the small spikey guy gets fingers...then a little photo fun

Today I finally got around to figuring out some fingers for the small spikey guy.  He still isn't totally completed yet, but he is getting closer.

Choosing one of the four fabrics...
Making tiny fingers.
Sewing the tiny fingers onto the palms.
Not bad...back of his hand.
Not bad...palm side.  I still  haven't tweaked them or trimmed them.
Twink photo bombs the small spikey guy showing off his new fingers.

Next I finally got around to sewing over the seam on the back of his head...whew!


Yep...yep...yep...one of these day I really ought to sort out this sewing bin.

And now...for a little bit of posing for pictures fun.  I was giggling so hard after some of these that I could barely hold the camera still...so goofy.

"Ta-daaaaaaa...I gots fingers!"
"Ta-daaaaaa...Steve Peregrin Took as Took's screensaver."
"Okay...ya got me!"
"And this is my tower o' tape."
"Hey -- no bite!"
"NO bite!"
Too much silly fun.

Oh...and today I mailed in the lion-creature guy for the "Holly Dolly Fundraiser" at Paint Creek Center for the Arts"...well ahead of the deadline (for a change)!

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