Friday, November 29, 2013

365/2013 - Day 332

workin' on Grammy...with reference pics

In the last two photos of Grammy from yesterday she was looking fairly bear-like.  When I looked at bear pictures today she really doesn' I would have to add a lot to her head and the sides of her face to get her to look (to me) more like a bear.  Sigh.

When Grammy first started to form I thought for sure she was a fox or a wolf.

The thing is, though...Grammy is a plaster cloth creature that told me what she is (including the Grammy part -- I rarely think of my guys as females) much as Djubi worked himself into a sugar glider creature guy.  As much as I wanted Grammy to be a wolf (or a fox) (or even a bear) I was led to the badger pictures. In the case of Djubi, I was simply looking for marsupial pictures -- I had heard the term sugar glider but I had no idea what they looked like, let alone that they were marsupials...sheesh.  In Grammy's case I certainly am familiar with badgers but I just wasn't thinking in that direction at all...and it is probably why I really couldn't seem to get Grammy to look more canine-y.  Probably I wasn't seeing her finished in my head with badgery facial markings.
look at those beady little eyes, wide-set ears, heck -- the shape of the head

Yep -- that's what she is alright...a American Badger according to these pictures.  I don't know that I will paint her with the badgery markings but I think Grammy is a badger-like creature.  Now I need/want to fix her face.

It is still early in the day right now (around 4pm...and that is what will show as the blog entry time, no doubt) and I am not ready to start working on the plaster cloth-ing yet.  Back later. it is almost 9pm...I worked on shaping her face/head for about an hour...not there yet, but coming along.  I had to cut off her original ears, too. And looking at the photos just now I can see that I've got the upper part of her mouth too tall.  Back to it again later it's dinner time.

the top of her head needs some more roundy parts
I can start to see (from looking at these photos) where the problems are -- not that they are going to actually get fixed and have her come out looking like an actual badger... is now 11:15 and I have been working on Grammy for another hour and a half or so.  I am done for tonight.  The rest will have to be done with the wet plaster cloth.  I think I have a slightly better idea of what I am aiming for.  I know her top mouth part needs to be shorter and more slanted - that will be easier to do when I can feel it with the plaster cloth...I can squeezed it in more, etc.  The paper rags soak up the wetness and become more shape-able.

And the ears need to be filled in more -- I was just trying to block in the basic overall shapes tonight.


Leann said...

Badgers! We don't need no stinking Badgers! (Treasure of the Sierra Madre)

Took said...

LOL -- Man...that cracked me up...I was sipping coffee and I almost spit it out from laughing.

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